Please use the links below to view entries and results for competitions along with reports of personal best times achieved during competition.


Boy’s Personal Best Times

Girl’s Personal Best Times


Inter Towns Gala Denbigh 28th April 2013         


Wrexham Cath Ankers Meet 2013    

Entries     Full Results     Top Girl Results     Corwen Results 

Holywell Summer Sprints 2013         

Entries          Results          Top Teams          Top Girls and Boys

Swim Conwy Closed Invitation Meet 2013         

Meet Pack          Entries        Corwen Results          Full Results

East Clwyd League Championships 2013         

Meet Pack          Entries          Corwen Results          Full Results          Top Girls Results

Wrexham Junior Sprint Meet 2013         

Meet pack           Corwen Entries          Corwen Results          Full Results         

British Gas North Sub-Regionals 2013         

Meet Entry Pack          Swimmer Entries          Timeline          Full Entry List          Results         

British Gas North Wales Regionals 2014         

Meet Entry Pack          Warm Up Schedule          entry list          timeline          Results

Wrexham Spring Meet 2014         

Entry Pack          Entries          Results cshy          Full Results                  

Wrexham Cath Ankers 2014         

Meet Pack          Full Results          CSHY Results         

Holywell Summer Sprints 2014         

Entry Pack          Entries          Results          Top boys and girls          Team scores

Swim Wales Summer Nationals 2014         

Entry Info          Event Schedule          QT’s

Robin Hood Meet 2014          Entry Pack

Swim Conwy Closed Invitation Meet 2014         

Entry Pack          Corwen Entries       Full Results          Corwen Results

Geoff Drew Meet 2014         

Entry Pack          Entries          Psych sheet          Results          Top girl / Top boy

Wrexham Junior Sprint 2014         

Entry Pack          Entries          draft programme          Corwen Results        Full Results

British Gas Swim Wales Sub Regionals 2014            

Entry pack          Entries          Psych Sheet          Full Results      

Holywell Valentine Meet 2015          E

ntry Pack          Entries          Results          Top Girl & Top Boy          Top Team

British Gas Swim Wales North Regional Championships 2015         

Entry Pack          Entries          Top Team          Full Results         Top Boy         Top Girl                             

Wrexham Crystal Meet 2015         

Entry Pack          Entries          CSHY Results             Team Scores          Full Results          Top Girl         Top Boy                                                               

Swim Wales Closed Long Course         

Entry pack          Events          QT’s

Bangor Diddy Meet 2015         

Entry Pack          Entries           Full Results          Top Boy        Top Girl                                                                      

Wrexham Spring Meet 2015        

Entry Pack          Entries                           

Swim Wales Junior Development 2015         

Entry Pack           Entries           Timeline         Top Boy & Girl         Full Results                       

Wrexham Cath Ankers 2015       

Entry Pack        Entries         Results          Full Results                

Holywell Summer Sprints 2015        

Entry Pack              

Swim Conwy Closed Invitational 2015

Entry Pack          Entries          Timeline          Psych Sheet            Warm up Schedule                         

Robin Hood Meet 2015 

Entry Pack           Entries          Swimmers Info       

Holywell Geoff Drew 2015

Entry Pack           Results             top girl and top boy           

Wrexham Junior Sprint 2015

Entry Pack            Entries       

Swim Wales North Sub Regionals 2015

Entry Pack