Do you have a little spare time to devote to our club??

Like many clubs we are run entirely voluntarily, without these volunteers we would not be able to provide competitive swimming opportunities for the children of the community.  If you are a parent of a swimmer then why not get involved rather than sit for 2 hours watching training sessions.  If you are an ex-swimmer and would like to keep your toes wet, then we can cater for you and use your knowledge of being coached as a swimmer to the clubs advantage.  If you are just interested in swimming and would like to sample the environment, this could help us in many ways.

There are many roles to be performed in the running of a club.  If these roles are broken down further with more volunteers, then this can make jobs easier plus, put far less emphasis on the volunteering time.

Some of the roles which you can get involved in are:

  • Coaching
  • Administration
  • Memberships officer
  • Club Championships Organiser
  • Competitions Secretary
  • Fundraising Officer
  • Website administration
  • Social media administration
  • Team kit manager
  • Child Welfare Officer

These are just examples of some of the roles currently performed, but if you would like to volunteer without an official title, then we will welcome your help and support in any capacity.  In return we can offer the opportunities to attend coaching courses, team manager courses, officials courses along with child welfare and safeguarding at our expense.  Along with this you will be mentored by an existing volunteer within our club to increase your knowledge and experience of the roles and the swimming club as a whole.

If you feel that this appeals to you, please use the details in the contact section to make enquiries with a member of our friendly team.

Thank you in advance.